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Join us for HOPE Camp 2022!

Dear Friends,


It is hard to believe that in two weeks we will be starting our HOPE Camp.  

We are only doing 3 days this year as there is much going on in our family.


We need help in many different ways.  Please look at the sign up and see if you can help us minister to these dear children in Allentown.  Ages 13-adult are welcome to sign up.  Some sign ups require child safety clearances for those 18 and older.

Find ways you can help here:


We have had several who have donated to POTS specifically for the funding of this camp.  So we would gratefully accept any donations.  You can donate at of send a check to:


PO Box 3345

Allentown, PA 18106

or you can donate here:


Thanks so much for partnering with us in this much needed outreach.



Production Manager

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