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Players of the Stage partners with non-profits, businesses, and individuals to bless and contribute to our community.

These are our partners on that journey.

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Bloom Creative Studio is a program of Bloom, a local community-based non-profit organization serving women living in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. We believe art heals and that everyone deserves a chance to  start over.


Our Studio is a supportive workplace for women leaving lives of addiction and violence. They receive 2 years of rent-free housing while they heal from the trauma life on the streets brings. When a woman enters our program she begins a 90-day intensive outpatient recovery program and then continues to build a life free from addiction and violence, with trauma informed and art therapy, life coaching and vocational training. Bloom graduates go on to live successful, self-sufficient and fulfilling lives, creating a new future for themselves, their families, our community and our economy.

Our church can be summarized as Evangelical, Reformed and Charismatic. At the core of our doctrine is the gospel of Jesus Christ—the glorious truth that Jesus Christ died and was raised so that sinners would be reconciled to God. The gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ is our primary passion and the driving influence in all our prayer, preaching, bible study, worship, outreach, and fellowship

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Bright Hope offers much needed pregnancy support to the women of the Lehigh Valley.  

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