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My Story

Gail Grossman has been a private voice teacher in the Lehigh Valley for more than thirty years, specializing in classical voice, opera, and musical theatre. Ms. Grossman has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in voice from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, and spent a year in Bologna, Italy, studying opera. She sang professionally in New York City in opera and musical theater, where she also taught voice to professional and non-professional singers. She then continued advanced studies in speech pathology at NYU, focusing on voice disorders experienced by the professional voice user. Ms. Grossman has worked with ear, nose and throat specialists in New York and Pennsylvania, providing voice therapy to singers with vocal nodules. Over the years, she has been privileged to work with singers with other vocal issues, including paralyzed vocal cords, global apraxia, autism and traumatic brain injury. Ms. Grossman maintains a private voice studio in the Allentown area. Her students have gone on to study classical voice and musical theater at renowned universities and conservatories, and many have embarked on very successful careers in opera, musical theater, film, contemporary music, as well as becoming voice teachers themselves. She is delighted to be working with Players of the Stage this coming summer to provide a musical addition to the already wonderful work they are doing with theater.

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