Pause Production! Part 2

The messages in Christian art/media are so often robbed of their power because of the lack of a polished technique and approach. The reason I think most Christians should pause in making Christian art is so that they can focus on mastering whatever medium they use. That will then allow them to convey a Christian message and ideal that will reach more than the faithful and penetrate deeper into people's minds and hearts.

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Pause Production! Part 1

I appeal to Martin Luther. If Christian Shoemakers are supposed to be good at their craft then so should Christian artists. 

But many in the Church don't give artists such an easy pass. Even though we are fulfilling a calling and using our God given gifts, we have an added pressure that shoemakers, civil engineers, interior decorators, and plastic surgeons do not. Our work must be about Jesus in some way. It's not enough for our work to be done to the glory of God, it must be about God.

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We also need to address the concept of diversity on a large cultural scale. It seems to me that a lot of white America is afraid of losing our culture. This is hard for me to understand, because I have always thought American's culture was rather boring and bland. But regardless of the richness of America's culture, from a Christian perspective diversity isn't an option. 

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