Play Reviews - "On Golden Pond" and "Honkey"

Last weekend I got to see two plays: "On Golden Pond" performed at Civic Theatre and "Honkey" performed at Northampton Community College. My viewing of the productions were well timed. I watched them right after my post about brokenness. Though different in tone, message, and style, both of these plays are a great example of how powerful the exploration of brokenness on stage can be. 

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We Don't Deserve This

It has been four weeks since the close of A Christmas Carol. At our cast party on the 17th we gave the donation to The Allentown Rescue Mission and announced our new total: over 17,600. That's a record for us. Jim Burns, the CEO of the Mission, cried and so did I.  

As I ran into people over the holiday season many of them asked me 'How did the show go?' and 'How much did you raise?'. I've had the joy of being able to tell them how much God has raised through us. This year means more to me than in years past. As I've wondered why,  I have found myself often thinking about how our little theatre doesn't deserve the privilege of accomplishing so much. 

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