Audition for "Charlotte's Web"


Running late is never good. Especially to an audition. By God’s grace, I made it to APT's audition exactly when I was supposed to start. I was still late, but not terribly so. 

After finding out that the front door was locked I began to panic. It was 1:30, exactly, and I should be performing my monologues. Through the door’s windows I could see people- presumably the directors and producers- but I couldn’t get to them. Unsure of what to do, I made little rapping noises on the glass like the Raven from Poe until the Artistic Director for the theatre company came out and showed me the way in. It wasn’t until I left the audition that I saw the large signs posted on electrical poles telling me where to park and how to get into the building. 

Auditioning is a fun experience. You never know what it’s going to look like because each director and company do things differently. During the reading of my second monologue, the director stopped me and asked if he could work with me. Of course! I said. 

The director jumped up and walked over to me and had me go through some vocal exercises where we bounced up and down, hit our chest, breathed quickly, etc. all to help lower my voice. That wasn’t the kind of work I was expecting him to do with me, but it was fun. At the end of the exercise one of my deep gut laughs escaped. Then I finished my monologue. All in all an enjoyable experience.

I like auditioning. It’s not that I don’t get nervous, because I do, especially for call backs. But I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity of working with a script - even if it’s only for two minutes! I go into auditions expecting rejection, looking for nothing more than to have a good time and grow in my skills.

To all my students out there: Auditions for A Christmas Carol will be here before you know it. Use these next couple months to prepare for that audition by becoming comfortable with who you are, not worrying about making mistakes, and by anticipating the opportunity to work with a script and some scene partners regardless of whether you get a part or not. And most importantly - have fun!