Tech Rehearsal

Saturday was our Tech Rehearsal for The Prince and the Pauper. Before tech started, I found a lovely little e-card that summed up tech rehearsal perfectly.


Returning home twelve hours after I left that morning, I couldn't agree more with the sentiment. Fortunately, despite the long hours, tech rehearsal went smoothly (for tech), and I felt a sense of peace and calm through out the whole day.

It was exciting to see some of the aspects of the show coming together. One of our cast members got to wear her complete costume, which is gorgeous, some of our set pieces were there, and being able to do the show from start to finish gave me a glimpse of what the show can be, and will be if the students continue to work hard.

God gave me a special grace for that day, and I needed it. Tech runs are usually extremely grueling, and I found out minutes before the rehearsal started that a childhood friend lost her sister at the age of 20. A young woman I had played with was gone, like that, and I had no time to think. I just had to proceed onto the rehearsal.

I later found out, from facebook and texts, that many people were praying for me and for our tech rehearsal. That immediately cleared up my bemusement at how well I handled some of our eager helpful boys breaking a prop. Our pitcher shattered onto the stage, and somehow I managed to smile and move on without feeling any frustration or irritation. That was amazing. I am a high stress type of person, so I knew something was up. It was so nice to know what was 'up', was prayer. God is good in putting it on people's mind to pray for me and POTS and for answering those prayers. Keep the prayers coming! We're going to need them until the end of strike on December 13th.